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                                      THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS


                                                                                         OF LOS ANGELES

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER                     
Our Chapter publishes a wonderful newsletter each month.  It provides vital support and information.  There is a section called "Our Children Remembered" that honors and remembers our children/ siblings (for those who specify they want their child/ sibling to be included) in the issue of the months of their birthday and death anniversaries.  Members can sponsor the newsletter in honor of their child/ sibling and "love gifts" are recognised and members can write a few words in honor of their child/ sibling.  Articles written by bereaved parents help bereaved members not feel so alone in their feelings and circumstances.  Also, the newsletter is packed with resources as to how other bereaved parents deal with events like the holidays, death anniversaries and birthdays, mother's day and father's day, and other events that the year brings.  It also addresses handling grief in families and how people grieve differently.

Our newsletter has no cost or fee.  See to the right on how to get on our mailing list.

How to get on our mailing list:

Please call our Chapter Phone and ask to be placed on our mailing list.

Chapter phone:
(310) 474-3407

*We are now emailing our newsletter, please email us (address below) requesting our newsletter and please add your name and address.  Or call our Chapter Phone (above) and ask for the newsletter to be emailed.
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